Tips for a Body Building Diet

Most men and a good number of women sign up for the gym for the purpose of gaining muscle mass, in other words bodybuilding which is professionally referred to as hypertrophy. To gain quick results, a trainee has to follow

Foods that Prevent Cancer

Plenty of scientific studies carried out throughout the last decades have shown that there is a strong and clear connection between the food we eat and the likelihood of developing cancer. It has been discovered that there are types of

What Is Ulcerative Colitis and How to Treat It

Ulcerative colitis (also referred to as Colitis ulcerosa) is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that afflicts the mucous membrane of the colon. The inflammation is usually limited either to the entire colon or to certain parts of it and to

Low FODMAP Diet for IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common digestion disorder. Its symptoms include abdominal pain, bloated belly, excessive gas, hiccups, diarrhea and constipation. Symptoms can be mild or severe, and there is no perfect treatment that can make them disappear completely.

What is Abdominal Migraine and What Causes It

Abdominal migraine is a medical condition characterized by frequent abdominal pain that is prevalent among 2% of the children. The pain is referred to as migraine since the physiological mechanisms that trigger it resemble those of classic migraine. In fact,

Recurrent Abdominal Pain in Children

Recurrent abdominal pain (RAP) is a common phenomenon among children. It is defined as three or more events of abdominal pain that occur in a time period of 3 months in children and teens aged 4 – 16 years old.

Natural Treatment for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is divided into three main types – acute, chronic and osmotic diarrhea. Acute diarrhea is caused by either a viral or a bacterial infection. In addition to the usual symptoms of stomach pain, bloated belly and excessive gas, the

What Causes Diarrhea and How to Treat It

Diarrhea occurs when feces appears in liquid form. Normal diarrhea lasts for a couple of days and it is usually preceded by excessive gas and acute stomach pain (as a result of intestinal contractions). Chronic diarrhea, in contrast, lasts for

Crohn’s Disease: Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment

Like colitis, Crohn’s Disease belongs to a family of diseases known as inflammatory bowel diseases. Yet unlike colitis, it is not limited to one part of the digestive tract and can affect all its areas from mouth to the anus.

Excessive Gas: Treatment and Relief

Excessive gas will definitely cause you embarrassment and discomfort. But beyond that, too many gases in your digestive tract are a clear indication that the food you eat is not good for you. Here are 8 useful tips that will

Foods that Cause Excessive Gas: The Battle between Good and Evil in Your Bowel

What is the reason that some of the foods you eat cause stomach bloating and excessive gas? How can you prevent this feeling of discomfort? In order to answer these questions, we first need to understand the basic operation of

Treating IBS: Conventional Drugs versus Natural Remedies

The Symptoms of IBS may appear in two main forms, either chronic constipation or chronic diarrhea. Constipation is more common than diarrhea. IBS patients who suffer from constipation on a regular basis report stomach pain after eating usually on one

The Importance of Dietary Fiber to the Digestive Process

Including Fiber in your daily menu is a guarantee for remaining healthy. This is the reason why the updated food pyramid published by the University of Harvard in 2005 includes fiber at its bottom as basic food. Fiber lowers cholesterol

Constipation Relief with the Help of Natural Medicine

Absorbing the nutrients in the food we eat and removing waste from the body are the main functions of the digestive system. These functions are essential for keeping us healthy and preventing diseases. Constipation is, in fact, a disruption of

The use of Liquid Paraffin to Relieve Constipation

Many people who suffer from the symptoms of IBS and other digestive disorders involving constipation have reported significant improvement in their quality of life since they started taking liquid paraffin on a daily basis. Indeed, liquid paraffin, also known as

Common Questions and Answers Related to IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is more common than most of us know. In fact, approximately one out of five people suffers from it. Each person experiences the symptoms of IBS differently and that is because these symptoms are various. They can

IBS Treatment: Diet and Medications

Around 20% of the general population suffers from what is called irritable bowel syndrome, IBS. Unfortunately, the best modern medicine can offer is nutritional guidelines and medicines that aim at treating the symptoms of IBS while not curing it altogether.

Causes and Symptoms of IBS

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, you should know that you are not alone. IBS is a very common medical condition from which 15 – 20 per cent of the general population in Western countries

Foods You Should Avoid during Pregnany

It is no secret that your appetite increases significantly during pregnancy. You feel like eating tons of ice-cream; you suddenly have a craving for a steak at 3 am in the morning; all sorts of sweets that you never ate

Practical and Easy to Follow Tips for Healthy Nutrition in Pregnancy

Congratulations, you are pregnant. For the coming nine months, you are not eating only for yourself. Your nutrition in pregnancy will have significant effect on how well your baby will develop in your womb and on his / her health

The Importance of Folic Acid to Healthy Nutrition in Pregnancy

Folic Acid is one of the key elements in a healthy nutrition in pregnancy. Being a part of the vitamin B group, folic acid assists different enzymes in the body in processing amino acids (that constitute protein) and nucleic acids

Recommended Nutrition in Pregnancy for Diabetes

Approximately 4% of all women suffer from diabetes during pregnancy. Adopting healthy nutrition in pregnancy can considerably help mitigate the severity of the disease and its symptoms. During pregnancy, your body undergoes radical hormonal changes. These changes may lead to

What You Need to Eat to Maintain Healthy Nutrition in Pregnancy

Your body’s demand for vitamins and minerals increases during pregnancy. At the same time, the number of calories you should add to your daily menu is relatively low. It forces you to pick your food well and to ensure it

Guidelines to Nutrition in Pregnancy

Why is Proper nutrition in Pregnancy so Important? Providing the fetus with a healthy environment in the womb is crucial for its development and physical health after birth. That is why it is ultra-important to ensure proper nutrition in pregnancy.

Strength Training vs. Muscular Endurance Training

You go to the gym a couple of times a week and you exercise really hard. Do you have any clue regarding the effect of your training? Does your workout plan put stress on developing your strength, or alternatively are

Are You Fat? Measuring Adult and Child Obesity Using BMI

In recent years, obesity, child obesity in particular, has become an epidemic in the United States and other Western countries. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 50% of adult Afro-Americans and close to 40% of

Some Facts You Should Know about Fat Cells and Diet

From an evolutionary point of view, our Body is built to store fat as a source of available energy. Yet our lifestyle and the abundance which characterizes it cause many of us to grow an excess of fat tissue. In

How to Lower Cholesterol – the Benefits of Phytosterols

Cholesterol (LDL) is one of the major causes for heart diseases. It accumulates inside the blood and constricts the arteries up to the point in which a block is created which leads to arteriosclerosis and ultimately to a life threatening

Eight Simple Measures to help you lose 11 Pounds instantly

Sometimes simple and easy changes in your lifestyle and eating habits are all that it takes to lose those extra 11 pounds (5 kilos) that prevent you from wearing last year’s jeans or the bikini you like so much. Follow

Practical Tips for Burning Calories on a Daily and Routine Basis

The best way to burn calories is to exercise according to a fixed workout plan that incorporates aerobic and strength training activities. Yet if you do not have such an exercise program, it does not mean you cannot burn calories

Common Questions regarding Fitness and Diet Issues

Can a fat tissue turn into a muscle tissue? No, fat tissues and muscle tissues are completely different from one another. Muscle tissues develop as a result of physical activity, mainly strength training, and will weaken due to lack of

Shattering Common Myths about Strength Training

Strength training involves many false beliefs and misconceptions that mislead many people and cause lots of confusion. Here are some of the most common myths and the truth behind them. Myth no.1: Muscle training will make women look masculine and

Eight Tips for More Effective Strength Training

Do you want to add some interest to your strength training and at the same time make it more effective? Here are some 8 basic tips that will assist you in building strength and getting in shape at the same

How Many Calories Do You Need to Eat to Lose Weight?

Every person needs a fixed number of calories per day depending on gender, age, life style (whether the person is physically active or spends most of his time in the office) and climate. As long as you stick to this

Tips for Swimming More Effectively

Swimming exercises are a wonderful way to burn calories get in shape. If you include in your workout plan frequent swimming, you will enjoy all the benefits swimming can offer. Yet unfortunately unprofessional swimmers (who are most of us) do

How to Avoid Muscle Cramps in Your Workout Plan

Around 70% of the general population suffers from occasional muscle cramps, especially those who exercise regularly. Nevertheless, muscle cramps do not necessarily have to be an inseparable part of your workout plan.  There are some basic actions you can take

How to Get Six Pack – Best Abdominal Exercises for a Flat and Well-built Belly

Most of us dream about a well-built and a flat belly, especially a belly that shows our six pack muscles. You will be glad to know that this dream is not untenable. We don’t say it’s easy, but it’s definitely

Get in Shape Again – A Workout Plan for Regaining Fitness

Getting in shape must be done gradually; otherwise you might end up causing unnecessary physiological damage to your body. Three basic principles should guide your workout plan: Principle 1 – Moderate Exercise Choose a pace that will enable you to

Burning Calories Through Exercising

You finally decided to get yourself off the couch and start exercising? Do you want to burn calories to lose some extra pounds? Or you just were at a dinner yesterday and you ate much more than you had planned

Get in Shape Gradually With This Healthy Workout Plan

The following workout plan is especially tailored for 40+ people who have decided to get in shape in a gradual and moderate manner to improve their health and overall feeling. Since it is built for beginners, it is highly advised

Swimming and Why Is It So Important

The Advantages of Basing Your workout Plan on Swimming Want to get in shape? Swimming is a wonderful way to do it. Why? Swimming is great fun. You do not sweat; you are kept refreshed and the floating sensation you

Healthy Diet and Sports

Healthy Diet and Sports – Eating right to Maximize Fitness Combining proper diet and a routine of exercise workouts are the key for a balanced and healthy life style. Carbohydrates Unlike what most people think, consumption of carbohydrates is of great